We partner expertise with curiosity to incite passion, apply design and have fun, through personalized project-based learning experiences

Each year, we fundraise 80 projects in a wide variety of subjects, from robots to fashion to virtual worlds, providing tuition free access to students and volunteer opportunities for the community.

We bring experts in the community together with students to build confidence, explore and create anything we can imagine

Our project leaders are working professionals from every discipline sharing their time, energy and love of learning.

Our students bring curiosity and energy to meet experts with a passion for sharing

Together, they are guided by the best practice of design, embarking on the adventure of self-learning and discovery necessary to create.

We learn skills for every one of life’s passions

That’s how we put the ‘A’ in S.T.E.A.M. by design.

  • Students

    Fueled by passion, San Francisco middle and high school students own what they create. We have fun learning and using modern design to create anything we can imagine.

  • Parents

    We build confidence in a safe environment, fueled by collaboration. We learn by doing, not lecture. Every student adds value to the S.T.E.A.M. team with access to one-of-a-kind, expert led projects.

  • Experts

    Our project leaders give time, expertise, passion and a commitment to share with our students, while learning from them at the same time. The design backbone of our curriculum help the team get projects done.

  • SF Bay Area Community

    Our projects come from ideas born in the San Francisco communities where we live. The community builds and maintains ownership of our project in their own backyard, to ensure success long term.

We have an action-packed year coming!